Trailer Macdonald’s


Trailer with Macdonald’s logo.
This trailer is standalone.
Credits: Crisan21, MiguelAngel988

Don’t upload the mod in the other link and respect the credits.

Crisan21, MiguelAngel988


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10 thoughts on “Trailer Macdonald’s

  1. The trailer looks unusual, but the log complains red on its texture.

  2. EneaMaconi

    Amazing! ?

  3. GreenDayPunkRock1997

    Best Trailer ever !!

    mcdonald´s is life, mcdonald´s is love 😀 😀

  4. GreenDayPunkRock1997

    best trailer ever !

    Mcdonalds is life, Mcdonald´s is love ! 😀

  5. trailer chassis by Rommi from TZ Express!!!!!! originál

  6. Faelandaea

    Very nice. Maybe I can deliver THIS to the McDonald’s on the Promods map instead of Liver Paste (ew!!!) That store needed new signs anyway.

    Oh – as for this trailer/cargo combination – “I’m lovin’ it!” 🙂

  7. Good. But it’s possible to creat this mod whis simple trailer. No logo on the trailer?

  8. Man, it’s possible to convert this trailer it’s very beautifull please

      1. Yes, i can convert that trailer

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