Trailer Mod Pack v 3.0

Trailer-Mod-Pack-v-3.0-1 Trailer-Mod-Pack-v-3.0-2

This mod adds total 75 new standalone trailers and cargo and a lot of new skins. After add mod scroll time in the game to new trailers appears. Mod should work with other mods on the trailer, but does not guarantee it.
Mod tested and working on and 1.9.xx versions

Changes in v 3.0:
– Added new oversize trailer and cargo:
– Big tank
– Double tank
– Drill rig
– House
– Wind blades
– Added new trailer Fruehauf
– Added new kogel trailer flat bed and cargo:
– Empty trailer
– Military equipment
– Panels
– Change cargo curbs on spools and pallets in the trailer Krone
– Other small fixes in models

Author: satan19990
Convert v 2.0 to stand alone by LPhoenix
Krone & Schmitz trailers by Nordish and Boramjaym65


12 thoughts on “Trailer Mod Pack v 3.0

  1. nice thanks

  2. Will it work with Jazzycats work?

  3. Nice pack, but there r a lot of warnings.
    Sometimes because, png in wrong format and sometimes because some is wrong with wheels…
    I need help? I can help u a bit.

  4. dosyada çıkartırken yazma hatası diya hata veriyo.

  5. volvo4life

    Can you upload your game.log onto and then copy-paste here the pastebin link?

  6. TruckSimFan

    I wouldn’t worry about the warnings. That’s all they are. Warnings.

    Unless it crashes the game… It doesn’t; I’ve tried this pack and it works flawlessly alongside JazzyCats… You are good to go because most mods are made pre-1.9, so the wheel indexes will be wrong as well as the model format.

    Good pack, BTW 🙂

  7. satan19990

    all errors with wrong wheel index mustbe from other mods, here are all right. If game crashes try turn off other trailer mods.

  8. supersteve2345

    There are better tanker mods out there, I’m not a fan of the ones in this pack so I’m going to pass on this. Nice pack though, I just like hauling tankers and heavy haulage

  9. the empty trailer crashes my game (1.6.0s) and all the other trailers work perfect 😀
    please do somthing about the empty trailer

  10. Update to Patch 1.9 and you will be able to run the newer mods out there. If you can’t update because it’s a hacked patch your using then go out and buy the game, I’ve seen it on Steam for less than £5.00!!

  11. Great mod.
    To carry different types of loads some special joy to the game.

  12. Of freaking course. REQUIRES A PASSWORD!!! WHAT IS THE #### PASSWORD?!?!?!?!?!?

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