Trailer Mod Pack v3.7


Changes in v3.7
– I added new Fliegl trailer and cargo:
*) Ponsse Scorpion (model by GIANTS Software)
*) Ponsse Buffalo (model by GIANTS Software)
*) Liebherr TL 432-7 (model by GIANTS Software)
*) Liebherr L538 (model by GIANTS Software)

Mod tested and working on v1.18


DOWNLOAD 170 MB [sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 170 MB [uploadfiles]

9 thoughts on “Trailer Mod Pack v3.7

  1. Architect

    That is freaking amazing mod!! It took 15 minutes to look at all trailers:) All of them look great! Thank you, satan19990!

  2. deineMudda

    dude, there are trailers from Roadhunter!

    1. Architect

      I only wanted to say that mod is great cuz it all in one:):):)

      1. deineMudda

        iam not mad about you, iam mad about satan cause he dont use credits

  3. great mod one question can your mod works with jazzycats mods?

    1. poromies00

      I think they do work with Jazzycat’s mods

    2. Architect

      The only way is to test it:) turn off your mod – then turn on the new one – now look what kind of trailer it replasing – and if not the same – you can activate the new. Simple))

  4. what exactly means Fliegl ?

    don’t found in google.translate

  5. i only need the oversize load trailers. can you upload only the oversize trailers only?

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