Trailer Pack AeroDinamic World Airways v 1.0 from YKUT700

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The archive contains 11 aerodynamic trailers, with skins from leading air companies. The mod was tested on the versions of the game 1.28 – 1.31 compatible with all the packs.
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7 Responses to Trailer Pack AeroDinamic World Airways v 1.0 from YKUT700

  1. Tynner says:

    Mod working bad!

  2. JGaming HD says:

    Hd video 1.31…

    • Lilo is Good says:

      What are you doing man? Almost half of the entire video doesn’t show the trailer.

  3. Mattez says:

    It doesn’t support advanced coupling. Also you need to have at least 6 axles chassis to drive it – on 4 axles chassis it jumps like a crazy grasshopper. The body and textures looks decent, but nothing special

  4. LaurentJap says:

    What is the BASIC MOD for have this trailer in base ? (this mod was skin for not exist trailer)

  5. Vader says:

    This mod works badly. The refrigeration unit is too close to the cabin and rests on it even at the smallest corner.

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