Trailer Pack by Fred_be V10

– Group some of my skins
– Standalone
– AI Traffic
– Advance coupling
– Animation brace
– Compatible with all pack trailer
– Complatible all DLC

– This mod is also made for small PC configurations

* Respect the download link *

Credits: Piva, Donovan, MDModding, Nabil, Quentin, Kamaz, Man400, Sergei Troubetzkoy, Ventyres, Sergeev, TZ_Express, Bora, Jawa, Solaris36, Benben, Molotov, Fred_be


16 thoughts on “Trailer Pack by Fred_be V10

  1. Murat Can Özbek

    Video please.

  2. road wind

    Thank you Fred, clearly and without errors!

  3. Francesco

    thanks Fred Be 😉

  4. Trailers 144, 145 and 146 working without errors?
    All lines traffic_trailer : .trailer.fdb144 (145, 146) change to
    traffic_trailer : traffic.trailer.fdb144 (145, 146)
    Files: fdb144_traffic.sii, fdb145_traffic.sii and fdb146_traffic.sii

    1. SmellyCat

      You’re right.

    2. I have error because tells me it ave taken already make stanalone them maybe conflict some oter mod what i use or have somewhere same name in file, ope not

  5. I have no error in this mod and I’m not the only one

  6. spartacus33

    Thx a lots…

  7. SmellyCat

    The same errors again. Once and once again.
    Mr Fred, why you don’t read and correct this?
    I explained to you how to fix, at least 2 times, but one more, and one more….same errors.
    Fixed in a minute, or less, 30 seconds…
    Use “validate” command (ai traffic test) and can see this errors with your own eyes.

  8. Mr.SmellyCat,
    I do not see where you find errors?
    I followed your instructions and at home I have no errors.

    1. traffic_trailer : .trailer.fdb146.bcp
      traffic_trailer : .trailer.fdb146.eurogoodies
      the elusive *DOT* infront of trailer …..

      and as we have experts here (I’m a little puzzled myself), is it not needed to have for example if I use Fred_be’s above mentioned trailer…
      the accessorielines… are the same for both trailer/traffic sii-files – should it be with .trailer.fdb146 and .traffic.trailer.fdb146 ?

      I had my own trailermod and this caused some errors – unable to find trailer….

  9. SmellyCat

    1º: Leave your mod alone on mod directory (don’t need to activate it).
    2º: Run game ETS (profile without mods because only yours are on mod directory).
    3º: Open game console (I hope you know how) and type “validate” (without “”).
    4º: Uncheck all less the first option at left: “ai cars” and press ENTER.
    5º: Wait until check finish…..
    6º: Ohhhh, here are the errors!!

    I try to help. Do not simply criticize. Always, always, I will always explain my criticism, and this will always try to be constructive.

    The fix is simple: modify all def files like this example:

    WRONG: vehicle_accessory: .traffic.fdb147.tchassis
    right: vehicle_accessory: traffic.fdb147.tchassis (DELETE THE .)

    WRONG:accessories[]: .traffic.fdb147.tchassis
    accessories[]: .traffic.fdb147.trwheel0
    accessories[]: .traffic.fdb147.trwheel1
    accessories[]: .traffic.fdb147.trwheel2

    RIGHT: accessories[]: traffic.fdb147.tchassis
    accessories[]: traffic.fdb147.trwheel0
    accessories[]: traffic.fdb147.trwheel1
    accessories[]: traffic.fdb147.trwheel2

    Only you must delete the (.) before “traffic.fdb…..”


  10. Thanks SmellyCat,
    Now I know how to fix the errors that the console and the game.log do not see.

    1. SmellyCat

      You’re welcome. 🙂

  11. sqferryman

    Thank you for the good advice and help SmellyCat. I’m sure it will help a lot of modders. 🙂 🙂

  12. Dragan007

    Probelm with promods map crashes please fix.

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