Trailer Pack By Gile004 v2


Trailer Pack By Gile004 V2

Include more then 60 trailers.

Tested on 1.23
Work perfect

Please share original link



2 thoughts on “Trailer Pack By Gile004 v2

  1. Perfect! This is what I really wanted when I installed the real company mod, more real companies to make a more immersive and realistic environment. I kept the real company building mod but deleted the real company trailers, they don’t seem to have any conflicts. I see new trailers every day with this mod and I love it. I just wish there was some way to get rid of or change those ###### fake company trailers like “Trameri”. Being an American I recognize a lot of the companies and some of them are real European companies too which is cool. Great job on this!

  2. Lorenzo Langini

    It s Good But i dont See trailer in a.i traffic i See only trucks cabin is normal?

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