Trailer Pack by Shadders62 v1.3


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This pack consists of 70 mixed Profiliner, cooliner, schmitz, cistern trailers.
I have reworked some of my old trailers adding better textures, pack also contains new trailers and will be added to on a regular basic making the pack bigger and better.

All trailers are standalone and appear in traffic, and all have their own cargo matched to the trailer.
New trailers and cargos will be added in future updates.

Tested and working on 1.19xx DLC north + east
works with Promods, poland rebuilding, rusmap EAA TSM. works also with Jazzycat mods

Please respect the creator and maintain the download link.

Please DO NOT re-upload this package to others file providers.

If sharing on Forums use original download link.

Thank you and Enjoy 🙂

Shadders62, ETS2Studio


11 Responses to Trailer Pack by Shadders62 v1.3

  1. Female Trucker says:

    Hi Shadders62.
    Just to let you know that, this mod works on 1.19 but ! It isn’t compatible with Jazzy’s Painted Trucks Traffic Pack V2.1, as I when I load this mod in, The Painted Trucks stop pulling Trailers, when I take it out, the Painted Trucks pull Trailers again, sorry, but for me, with Painted Trucks it doesn’t work. Any chance you could look at this problem for me? But !! Great Mod, as I always download yours with Jazzy’s.

  2. Shadders62 says:

    Sorry to hear you have had a problem, when I tested it worked ok for me, I know since the 1.19 update I have had to mess around with mod loading order a lot to get things working together, I will look at it again for you and let you know asap

    • Female Trucker says:

      Hi again Shadders62.
      Thankyou so much for fixing the problem for us all, However !! The link that you gave us for 1.4, isnt working, so I cannot download the fixed version, can you look at this please?
      Thanks again. 🙂

  3. TodoMundoLocko says:

    Congratz man! nice work!

  4. kaleu57 says:

    Hello Shadders62,
    can you tell something about the wheels of the Trailers?
    New LOD-Model??
    Or popping wheels who vanishing in the distance??

  5. AndyS71 says:

    i think you’ll find this is a common prob with just about any traffic related mod, if you pair it with painted trucks this happens. i personally think this is down to a problem with the painted trucks mod as all the mods that stop it working cannot possibly be all defective.

  6. Shadders62 says:

    I have removed file as it needed fixing
    Please download new version Trailer Pack by Shadders62 v1.4

  7. Shadders62 says:

    Sorry had problem with file hoster, A new version 1.4 has been uploaded, and should appear as soon as it has been verified by ETS2.LT

    Thank you for your patience

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