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Hello again, this time i created a trailer pack with some different cargo. Because i want some diversity in cargo i made some of my one in blender. Today i like to share with you all.
So what have i done,
SCS Brick trailer edited and make steerable axles and cargo’s. also in traffic.
SCS Flatbed trailer, edit and make steerable axles and cargo. also in traffic.
SCS overweight trailer edited and make steerable axles. also in traffic.
SCS Goldhofer flat trailer, add cargo’s and also in traffic.
ATS flatbed edited and add axle and lights. not made steerable. various cargo’s and in traffic. Also two faymonville trailers with steerable axles and in traffic. Think the are made by Roadhunter.
Please respect my work, i did NOT convert the files to the new PMG, so you can inport into blender the old way and you can edit the file’s yourself. If you share please do not re-upload but keep the origional link and credits. thank you. you can support me on paypal if you like,

I will keep this name for the mod, and in future i add new cargo and trailers and you don’t have to install over and over.

IMPORTANT, if you want to use my mod, finish your job first, or you will lose it. Unrar to your modfolder and activate your mod.
the file is not in scs but in zip! do not unpack the zip file in your modfolder.

Grtz Zeeuwse Trucker

Zeeuwse Trucker / SCS


26 thoughts on “Trailer Pack by Zeeuwse Trucker

  1. very cool zeeuwse!

    1. Hey daar,wanneer komt er een update van de SCS Scania R & S tuning pakket?? Ik mis die wel hoor. MVG Philippe

  2. zeeuwsetrucker

    I found a little mistake, not harmless but in trailer 7 should be three colors, you can fix it your self. go to def/vehicle/trailer/trailer7_rudder3.sii and change chassis_b into chassi_r like here,
    vehicle_accessory: .trailer7.rudder3.tchassis
    data_path: “/def/vehicle/trailer/trailer7/chassis_r.sii”
    sorry for that.
    grtz Zeeuwse

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  4. Nightfiver

    Do you convert the scania r edit to 1.28?

    1. zeeuwsetrucker

      no, just converted the scania from 1.28 to old pgm, so now i have the new anim and the new 8×4 chassis. Start over all again.

  5. Arthur Vince

    welke versie van de game?

    1. 1.28.хх

  6. Исправленная и конвертированная версия мода Trailer Pack by Zeeuwse Trucker
    Corrected and converted version of the mod Trailer Pack by Zeeuwse Trucker

    1. zeeuwsetrucker

      conversion is only a warn, i leave the file open so you can edit with the blender2scs plug-in, and if you want you can always convert yourself. it looks like you want to earn some mony with my mod.

      1. Be aware. losevo58 is a mods_ats alias (one of much more). The biggest mods thief.

  7. JOSEPH054


    1. zeeuwsetrucker

      English please…

    2. zeeuwsetrucker

      extraire le fichier rar, puis extrayez le fichier zip dans un dossier sur votre ordinateur.

    3. Bonjour.
      Dans le Fichier rar est un Fichier zip.
      Le zip est a mettre dans le Dossier mods de ETS2 et après simplement a activer.
      Bonne Route

      1. zeeuwsetrucker

        Rar est l’extrait (plus petit) fichier de téléchargement de dossier mod. Vous y trouverez le zip du dossier, le mod lui-même. Copiez le fichier zip dans un nouveau dossier sur votre ordinateur. Collez là. puis extraire le fichier zip et puis vous avez tous les fichiers. Bonne chance

        traduit dans google, Désolé

  8. Veritas1983




    1. zeeuwsetrucker

      check je fb

  9. DeGelderseTrucker

    Zeeuwse Trucker, zou je misschien een skin kunnen maken van het bedrijf Maters Huissen, mijn vader rijdt daar, en ik wil graag in ETS2 een keer dezelfde truck rijden, zou je die dan voor de RJL scania kunnen maken? Dat zou leuk zijn!

    1. zeeuwsetrucker

      in groen of blauw?

      1. zeeuwsetrucker

        of rood, die heb je ook nog. stuur anders eens een foto naar: [email protected]

      2. DeGelderseTrucker

        Doe groen en blauw maar 😀

  10. Why your mod is only on the road only, but i can not bring the trailer? Please reply

    1. zeeuwsetrucker

      i don’t understand your question?

  11. terrormaus1988
    1. zeeuwsetrucker

      kan niet bij de link, pb naar [email protected] en ik beloof niets.

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