Trailer Pack Chereau V6


Tested version 1.23.x
– Standalone
– AI Trafic
– Compatible with all DLC and all Pack Trailer

* Respect the download link *

Nabil, MDModding, Fred_be


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7 thoughts on “Trailer Pack Chereau V6

  1. Why don’t you simply use the existing cargoes for this trailer? This way it would be compatible with all map mods. And why does a Scania factory offer fried chicken?

  2. Ciao Fred_be
    these beautiful trailer
    application is possible to have a single trailer with single skin (chereau v.6) ?????
    mission impossible, no speed limits not reflective panels otherwise okay
    thank you

  3. Hello Zoso,
    I’ll ask Matdom if he can do that 🙂

  4. Thanks Fred_be
    I have a problem with the wheels he can not figure out if in conflict with other mods!!

  5. You are in version 1.23? There are change wheels for trailer version 1.23

    1. I have not the v 1.23 (I have problems with the PC)
      I’m sorry I was thinking also worked on v 1.22.x.x.x
      thanks Fred_be
      ciao ciaoz

      1. Thanks Fred nice pack
        Is 385-65r225 the new wheel def for 1.23 ?

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