Trailer Pack For All Trailers With Just Play TruckSim Map 2.2


In this package, all trailers from normal package v 2.5und v2.5 software package are combined.
Who wants to go with this package should already have tion more powerful computer.
This package consists of 52 trailers plus several from the Justplaymod.

This package is not compatible with any other packet and can be used individually.

This package includes customized Trailermods, which offer the 200 new trailers. In addition, the last TC mod is integrated, additional trucks from the Danz as the MP IV and the Axor, the Peterbilt 379 by Onixer, our engines and Getriebemod with all the articles from the beginning of the game and chiptune additional engine variants. Furthermore, a Firmenmod is included and Economics are adjusted accordingly. Womble of the Actros is also integrated in this pack.

This package consists of 52 trailers plus several from the Justplaymod.

This package is not compatible with any other packet and can be used individually

Author: Trucksim Map Team


22 thoughts on “Trailer Pack For All Trailers With Just Play TruckSim Map 2.2

  1. Download link not working.

    Would like to download the new pack, TSM 2.1 was crashing at the first corner after leaving starting company so couldn’t play it 🙁

    1. edit, is the download link. Something on is going wrong 😉

  2. The page you requested could not be found.

  3. The page you requested could not be found.
    ### ???????

  4. same here after a minute it crashed tried again just drove on to road crashed again when are we going to get mods that work right better off leaving it alone and just run it as it is

  5. both files need to set?

    1. how do you mean both files have to set

  6. First, let me give my specs. I have an i7 Sandy Bridge CPU at 3.4 ghz. 12 gigs of ram, Radeon HD7870 video card with 2 gigs of memory.
    I build computers and I know how to configure them.
    I’ve played TSM 2.0 since the first day of release. Always had crashes with Just Play mod.
    With this mod, starting in Casablanca, my first delivery was right across the street.
    Didn’t have the technology to pull it off without crashing. 3 times. Each time on a fresh restart. Mempool set at “max” of 1200 (I had it at 2400 before).

    This mod is worthless (to me). Now I’ll try the map (2.2) alone.

  7. admin or uploader why you delete my comment ???

  8. Est-ce qu’on peut télécharger celui-ci sans avoir télécharger celui d’avant?

    Is what you can download it without having to download it first?

  9. when i use the mod, the game crashes! any ideas? fix-it, please!

  10. like youre griffin on the truck where can i find that?


    quick and simple tutorial on how to fix the crashing.

    1. Is this Valid information, did this sort the crashing of just play tsm 2.2 mod?
      I can play it for 5-10mmins then I crash, havent tried this yet tho.
      No point sorting it out if it only helps me so I can play 30 mins then crash?
      If it eats memory wont you just delay the crash by increasing the memory usage to the game?

  12. where can i find Peterbilt 379???

  13. SaacScania

    can it only use the package of trailers or does have that use them simultaneously???

  14. Impossible de trouver par rapport à la solution donné (manque de précision pour changer les données dans les fichiers). A chaque fois l’ordi marque: problème administrateur. Vraiment dommage car tout regrouper remorques, camion et la carte trucksim map était bien pensé pour simplifier.
    Courage pour retravailler dessus.

  15. Revoir problème avec la mémoire apparement, puisque partie se couperait à cause de ça?
    Sinon très bonne idée de regouper tout dans un même dossier.

  16. I installed this with TSM 2.2 and it works great, but all my jobs are in German, is there an English version? I can’t understand what the cargo is!

  17. Hi!

    I have problems with the zjust_play_SS_TSM2_part1.scs file, i need a password to make some changes in it. Those changes are for only myself, i will not publicate it. Can you help me?

  18. i click the download link and it comes up with in a foreign language that i need to be a preimum member to download why is this. can the makers of this mod please fix this or use another upload website

  19. I think the trailer pack is what I was missing because in the already discovered TSM cities I found nothing in the freight market. First I downloaded the Trucksim map 2.2 seperately from the actually trailer pack.

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