Trailer Pack Hammar Boxloader


Represented in mod Pak trailers “Hammar Boxloader” with 8 different loads. All goods are transported in self-unloading trailers platforms. Weight of transported cargo from 5 up to 20 tons.

Particular alias and weight of goods:

– Cargo “Boxloader Empty weight of 7 tons,
– Cargo “Boxloader 30ft Container weight 20 tons,
– Cargo “Boxloader 20ft Kuehlcontainer” weight 18 tons
– Cargo “Boxloader 20ft Container weight 20 tons,
– Cargo “Boxloader 20ft Nitro Tank weight 20 tons,
– Cargo “Boxloader 20ft Opentop” weight 20 tons,
– Cargo “Boxloader Plattform Traktor” weight 20 tons,
– Cargo “Boxloader Plattform Leer” weight 5 tons.

-Tested on version 1.24

All trailers are standalone, Have your wheels.

TSM Mods, Roadhunter, blink, Akirix


14 Responses to Trailer Pack Hammar Boxloader

  1. 1203 says:

    Good job! Thank you )

  2. losevo58 says:

    This is the old version!
    Hammar Boxloader V2.0 ETS2 1.23.xx

  3. Roller says:

    Ze Best Trailers Pack. THX!

  4. beejay basham says:

    some of the container have red tex error

  5. Ipgaxx says:

    Please fix the missing mat files. There are a few of these ” [resource_task] Can not open ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/boxloader/material/20ft_con_box_plain.mat'” screenshot to show it. and

  6. beejay basham says:

    how and wa log file

  7. Andrew says:

    The empty trailer is heavier than the leer platform

  8. Roadhunter says:

    Hello…this 1.24.x.x Hammar Pack is not from ME…

    all error send to blink

  9. wegger says:

    Very nice trailers!

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