Trailer Pack Jumbo V1


Tested in version 1.13.x
Trailers are standalone
Compatible with all packs trailers

Credits: Rommi TZ Hommers, Fred_be


6 thoughts on “Trailer Pack Jumbo V1

  1. Swedish-Power

    I can only say … Perfect

  2. pleas make a “Toyota Material Handling” trailer

  3. trailerlover

    can you make also a bolk Almelo trailer skin please tanks

  4. Nice package 🙂

  5. Hello there, just wondering if anyone is availible to help me, i am having a problem exporting my photoshop trailer skin into ets2, i have tried using dxtbmp but i find the quality drops tremondously. So im not sure what im doing wrong if anyone can help that would be great thanks!

  6. Dear mr/ms
    Please, contact me…

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