Trailer Pack profiliner V7


Tested release 1.19.x
Trailers are standalone
Compatible with all DLC
Compatible with any trailers packs

Credits: Bora, Matdom1988, Fred_be

* Respect the download link *


6 thoughts on “Trailer Pack profiliner V7

  1. Awesome!!!!!

  2. не надоело еще прицепы без колес штамповать?
    not yet tired of trailers without wheels churning out?

  3. Is it working on 1.18

  4. Funkhornet

    YOU WROTE Tested release 1.19.x.. Thats not true !!!

    This pack is definetly NOT adapted for patch 1.19.

  5. The pack works with the wheel bug that will be fixed for next pack.
    Scs Software made a nice update and it bothers modders but we found the solution.

    1. Funkhornet

      i don´t talk about the wheels. I talk about the new definitions for traffic Trailers. Your def isn`t adapted yet. So here will be hndreds of warnings in he log.

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