Trailer Pack size all trailers


This pack combine the normal pack v 2.5 and the heavy trailer pack v2.5.
To run this pack you should have a good performance computer.
This pack contains 52 trailers.
It is not compatible with any other trailer pack and can be used only separately.

It is only allowed to supply this mod via the given downloadlinks!

Author: Sreetsurfer1962


10 thoughts on “Trailer Pack size all trailers

  1. Where did you get thosse sideskirts?

  2. link wont load

  3. Only Truck Sim Mapp?

  4. should say only for TSM before we click on that horrible download site that tries to have you js files..

  5. David King

    file is locked and windows can not open it. If you are going to put a mod on a mod site you unlock it and you use better sites to download it from or take it off here.

  6. Haha Real Sucks !

  7. I have been using this mod on 1.3.1 and have had excellent results. its nice to see a mod that introduces new loads to haul on new trailers. I have been using the base map with no other map mods. Bring on some more Ill take all ya got!!!. thanks streetsurfer 1962.

  8. Please,skin for Scania!!!???

  9. find it on Google

  10. files on the links on the download link, they dont exist no more

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