Trailer Pack V1.5 [By Skwatt]


All trailers are standalone, inculed in AI traffic, compatible with all trailers pack (jazzycat and more) and all maps (TSM, Promods) and compatible with the 1.18/1.19

If you have the pack v1.1, you can ad this pack to the 1.1, tested without bug

contains: all trailers in images of mod

If you want an other trailer, contact me to [email protected]

/! respect the original link, thank you đŸ˜‰ /!



One Response to Trailer Pack V1.5 [By Skwatt]

  1. Theosz says:

    TY Skwatt

    Could you create pack versions of real companies where be from one country EacH pack that replacing default trailers (not cargos – machines, tractors) like Eurogoodies, Stokes, Aerodynamic, Tradeaux, Trameri, Sanbuilders …and cooliner and profiliner (not pack of cooliner neither profiliner)?

    This way I do not need use [delete default trailers and cargos by Satan1990.scs] that delete everything/all , but I whish to keep cargos.

    one pack for uk companies
    one pack for russian companies
    one pack for Spanish companies ( I have a standalone but very old and outdated)
    one pack for germany companies…


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