TRAILER PACK with Realistic Textures v.1.7.8


Authors: Vaarduar, Pereira

This mod is available in two versions:
* Basic which adds only new liveries for trailers
* Extended which also introduces more changes to game including
changes of rules in the game of economics.

1. Provides new liveries for:
* Krone Coolliner (38 liveries),
* Krone Profiliner (41 liveries),
* Schmitz S.PR Universal (18 liveries),
* fuel tankers (11 liveries),
* cisterns for food products (7 liveries),
* cisterns for chemical products (4 liveries)
* silo-trailers on bulk materials (6 liveries)
– all of them will be available in Euro Truck Simulator II !. Full
list of liveries available in this package, can be seen at:,
2. Adds a changes in trafic, including, in adding new cargos visible
on the road,

EXTENDED VERSION also contains:
3. Changing the rules in the game of economics, like: lowering revenue
from shipments of various goods, so that they are more realistic,
4. Reducing the speed to acquire each level of experience.


6 thoughts on “TRAILER PACK with Realistic Textures v.1.7.8

  1. Freddy Jimmink

    This a trailer pack wich is GOOD! Really good,

    All trailers from both sides skinable, good presentation
    And it works perfect in

    And than the most important thing: it is UNLOCKED! GREAT!

    I will wait for the next what You all gonna make, again
    i take a deep bow to all makers!


    Freddy Jimmink

    1. I just downloaded it, I LOVE the idea of increasing the XP for each level, makes this game last 10x times longer. And makes it so I don’t need 4 profiles because you hit max level so quickly.

      I also like the lowering of income to make it more realistic, however, now my new driver loses money. I think you went a tiny bit extreme. I’m worried i’l lose money from fuel, and damage on long hauls..

      I would love to help, or offer more tips what’s your e-mail?

  2. and Jong-un playszz with fire

  3. Freddy thanks for the so many pleasant words about my work.
    Could you please contact with me. I would like to talk with Yoy about one thing in private. My e-mail address can be found in the place where you can download the mod.

  4. Thanks Vaarduar! I’ve to say you did a really great job!! But you don’t have the choice when you choose the trailer for livery… It’s always the same. There’s more trailers visible in road traffic.

  5. come even more companies belgium skin.
    I have another bedrijfen wonterspan & fornonex & Texaco another but you have to find them on the internet for the color on the trailers

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