Trailer Repsol working 1.34 – 1.35

The mod is working at 100% without updating errors

do not modify the mod !!




5 thoughts on “Trailer Repsol working 1.34 – 1.35

  1. STOP Skinning and learn it first !!!
    Don’t upload Waste !!!

  2. Tupac-Boy

    JoachimK resudio eres tu novato!!

    1. to see that you rise novices! envious

      Wow, why we should be envious??
      And it´s not the Question, Beginner or not. Learn to take Dimensions and do not stretch the Images. It´s not nice to see.

  3. TruckYouMan

    Aww, another one of your masterpieces…

    Seriously, you are causing serious damage to the popularity of this site. Just…just stop, okay? Stop embarassing yourself even further and save us from this continuous eye-torture.

    Oh, and I’m only being this rude to you because of the way you are replying to others. I mean, what are you like, 7 years old? Did your mommy tell you the trailer looks pretty pretty and you should keep making making? A true modder appreciates all constructive comments, whether they are positive or negative, and uses them as motivation to improve further on his work, while ignoring malicious and offensive comments…such as your own.

    1. Tupac-Boy

      jajaja nuevamente el portugues!!!!! es quue tu apreciada madre le encanto niiño …es por eso que lo publique!!! besos a ella hijo

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