Trailer Schmitz by Stanley John Cornet Int.Transport (Updated v 1.4)

Trailer updated to v.1.4
and fixed two bugs
If you already have the old version, remove it and install the new V.
– Tested
– Real Texture
– Standalone
– Ai traffic (FIX)
– ADV_Coupling
– Scandinavia
– 6t trailer axle raised
– 24t trailer axles lowered
– license plate (FIX)
– TZ Express
– Stanley
_Zoso standalone and skin (It does not replace other schmitz trailer by Stanley)
I am not a modder and even a skinner
and not obliged nobody download my mod



3 thoughts on “Trailer Schmitz by Stanley John Cornet Int.Transport (Updated v 1.4)

  1. Questo è un omaggio all’italian8 Perry Mason delle cause perse
    Per correttezza lo traduco anche in inglese (come dici tu)
    This is a tribute all’italian8 Perry Mason of lost causes

  2. biggy smalley

    Nice trailer. Do you have a truck skin? Scania R?

    1. I think I’ll do a skin for RJL with the next trailer
      at the time you only DAF stanley find it on my page
      the skin Scania New generation is just as a test (is not complete)
      Thank you

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