Trailer Schmitz by Stanley John Cornet Int.Transport

john-cornet-int-transport-1 john-cornet-int-transport-2 john-cornet-int-transport-3

Trailer Schmitz by Stanley with John Cornet Int.Transport Skin



11 thoughts on “Trailer Schmitz by Stanley John Cornet Int.Transport

  1. CyrusTheVirus

    Good job Zoso ?

  2. CyrusTheVirus

    Nice trailer and good skin Zoso. ?

    1. Thanks CyrusTheVirus

  3. Sorry, the board administrator has not entered a description because I have a problem with MOD UPLOAD
    – Tested
    – Real Texture
    – Standalone
    – Scandinavia
    – 6t trailer axle raised
    – 24t trailer axles lowered
    – TZ Express
    – Stanley
    _Zoso standalone and skin (It does not replace other schmitz trailer by Stanley)

  4. Ciao amico,

    bella rimorchio!

  5. very nice Zoso 😉

    1. Thanks Fred_be, upload mod does not recognize Yahoo email addresses
      I hope that solve the problem
      Thanks Wegger

  6. schlesiermike

    where come template for the trailer?

  7. art lover

    What is beautiful to you? Very scary!

    1. what do you want? I did not ask your opinion
      go has graze sheep

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