Trailer Schmitz Cargobull SCS Universal

YouTube preview

-Test version game 1.28.x
Trailer: EdekLs,Borsuk
Skin for trailer: Drozd Yaroslav

EdekLs,Borsuk,Drozd Yaroslav


3 Responses to Trailer Schmitz Cargobull SCS Universal

  1. zoso says:

    Are you sure of what you are writing?
    what do you mean by standalone? this is not standalone.
    Just in these days was uploaded the updated trailer to v 1.28

  2. SimonTrucker112 says:

    All the files and folder in this trailer are from year 2014 !!!
    So whats that for a cheap copy of someones work ???

  3. vanhouten_cz says:

    texture is from Rommi from tzexpress

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