Trailer Schmitz Cargobull SCS Universal

YouTube preview

-Test version game 1.28.x
Trailer: EdekLs,Borsuk
Skin for trailer: Drozd Yaroslav

EdekLs,Borsuk,Drozd Yaroslav


3 thoughts on “Trailer Schmitz Cargobull SCS Universal

  1. Are you sure of what you are writing?
    what do you mean by standalone? this is not standalone.
    Just in these days was uploaded the updated trailer to v 1.28

  2. SimonTrucker112

    All the files and folder in this trailer are from year 2014 !!!
    So whats that for a cheap copy of someones work ???

  3. vanhouten_cz

    texture is from Rommi from tzexpress

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