Trailer Schmitz ProfiLiner Standalone


Tested in version 1.11.x
Converted Matdom1988
Compatible with all packs Jazzycat


4 thoughts on “Trailer Schmitz ProfiLiner Standalone

    1. Very nice trailer, have looked some time for it and finally here it is. Thank you very much.

      But i have a question: i want to have my own skin, so i want to paint it my way, but i can`t extract the dds files. Are the files protected ?

      If so, is there another way, to paint the trailer, maybe a template or something ?

      regards, Johnny 🙂

    2. Fred_be, в чем отличие Вашего New link от предыдущего? В чем суть Ваших исправлений, изменений?
      Fred_be, what is the difference of your New link from the previous one? What is the essence of your edits, changes?
      Thank you.

  1. apferreira truckman

    file blocked, ARRRGHHH … BAAARFFF …

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