Trailer Schmitz uni-Rudolf Riegler III [1.27]

-trailer Schmitz universal [V1.27]
-real texture
-AI Traffic
-anim. brace
-tested version

This trailer can also be added in ETS2studio (but remember to add credits)
thank you

-trailer:ETS2studio MDModding Zoso
-Zoso – Conversion and skin-Animation Brace-ADV_Coupling-Liftaxles
I am not a modder and even a skinner
and not obliged nobody download my mod



8 thoughts on “Trailer Schmitz uni-Rudolf Riegler III [1.27]

  1. i did also a Riegler skin already. nice one. 🙂

    1. Ciao? Rudi, I would never let you copy your work,(Hate copying)
      I have many skin I did not share, I also have other versions of Rudolf R created in (2014)
      I did a search before uploading but I did not notice your work.
      Anyway if you want I can get it removed I have no problem
      let me know!
      If you want the original font I can send it
      Thanks, I did not forget your kindness to me
      CiaoZ I’m so sorry

      1. no no, that was no critic. i also not search first for skins which maybe already done before somewhere. i use google, many time street view to find the skins. if i like them, i do them.
        only i don´t do skins for Dachser, Stobart etc. there are so much already.
        no really, well done. 😉

  2. Ok thanks, unfortunately it is not easy to locate names in pack trailers.
    It’s not important, but I also have White Rosendahl and v. Red, and black version (if you want to edit it)
    Not shared because I had given priority to Dettendorfer.
    Good night Rudi

  3. propotato

    Scania is RJL version?

  4. what is that truck mod?

  5. Scania RJL V.2.2

  6. lordmodets2

    thank you teacher, now I can update my mod from trailers SCS, ets2 studio

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