Trailer Torrestir

Trailers , skins anda lightbox !!!!!

…::::FOR YOUR TRUCK:::::….



7 thoughts on “Trailer Torrestir

  1. which trailer and brand are this?

    1. Portuguese company 😉

    2. @Rudi
      Krone_Coolliner_ by_ News updated by MDModding (first update)
      Reuploaded without permission.

  2. please making a Hospitality Trailer!

  3. thanks Jesan. I am looking for trailers which i can add to the ETS2 Studio.
    this one is possible, but if i don´t know the authors then it is a problem. so thanks for the info.
    but i not found the real release upload?? do you have a link?

  4. @Rudi

    Well… here in !
    Just type “coolliner by News ” in the search window on top of this page and you’ll have all the versions (from MDModding v3, pack from….etc)
    I hope the links are still valid.

  5. lol, thanks again.
    don´t know why i not found it before.
    anywhere. but i think i will not paint this one. the textures looks not really nice.

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