Trailer Weeda Maersk


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Trailer Weeda, adapted to version 1.24xx.
Re-done paintwork and lights. I had this trailer on my HDD, from older version of the game. I have no clue who made this. All credits to the creator. I re-did the lights and reworked on the paintjob, and make it work for version 1.24xx, may work on older versions.

Happy Trucking.

Zeeuwse_Trucker / creator unknown


7 Responses to Trailer Weeda Maersk

  1. luis says:


  2. luis says:

    Hello good job textures. But it gives me an error when selecting the load is not as you in your video you can work deconezte all my mod TRALIER and the rest .If failure and gives me the reason could esplicarme

  3. luke says:

    is it standalone?

    • Zeeuwsetrucker says:

      Yes it is. Download the new mod, i uploaded today, with fix. This one has a texture problem.

  4. w says:


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