Trailer Wielton NS3K M2 Standalone [1.28]

YouTube preview

-trailer Wielton NS3K M2 [1.28]
-real texture
-AI Traffic
-anim. brace
-tested version

This trailer can also be added in ETS2studio (but remember to add credits)
thank you
-Zoso-Update v1.28 – standalone and skin-Animation Brace-ADV_Coupling

I’m not sure it works properly
Please let me know

I am not a modder and even a skinner
and not obliged nobody download my mod



27 thoughts on “Trailer Wielton NS3K M2 Standalone [1.28]

  1. thanks Zoso.

    i am working on a bigger trailer/skin pack, for sure i will take this one also in. 🙂

    1. Thank you
      If you find any errors please let me know

      1. Hey zoso, how can I contact you?

  2. Mille Grazie, zoso,

    now I will have again a Lot of Work. 😉
    I will start tonight, because I´m working on Trailerpacks.


    1. Ciao JoachimK, I noticed that your wielton pack has many warnings in the game.log file
      I’m sorry if you waited one day, you could upgrade your pack

      1. Ciao, zoso,

        yes, I heard it from a Member of our FB-Group. Just before loading this new Trailer.
        At the Moment I´m working on a Update and it´s not to hard, because I can use my Skinfiles from the first Pack. 🙂

        I did a Test this Morning and it works perfect. If I found Errors, I will them put here.

        Have a nice Day

  3. where can i find the template for this trailer?

  4. sad, disappearing wheels.

    flare not updated = crash.
    you must change it to this:

    and jbk has some more issues….., but he will not belive me.

    1. =and jbk has some more issues….., but he will not belive me.=

      You know, it´s the old Model ???

      And the Problem with long Distance and the Wheels finished, when Steam has load completely…
      You can see it here.

      But with the Flares there is a Problem, because there is a red Stripe.

    2. Sorry, but for me nothing crashes, the Flares are working with or without Unit, so I cannot understand, why you write that.

      Otherwise, -“/model/flare/uniform_cold_white.pmd”-, is what I found in the Original-Mod.

      And in MrGermanTruck-Video you can see, that it works.

      A little Screen:

    3. Hi Rudi, I fixed the hookup file (but I have never had a crash in the game)
      You use promods?
      I’m trying to figure out the problem of the wheels but all the trailers of Edekls Borsuk
      They have the problem of wheels.
      To joachim I report the log file if it does not believe i can not force it

    4. I changed the wheels I’m doing tests and I do not seem to disappear
      I did a very far photo

  5. I forgot in description too
    – Liftaxles

  6. Mr.GermanTruck

    Great Work but Crash Game on v1.28 ! You must delete the hookup in the File ! I edit this and i have test it and now work…
    Test Video…

    1. Ciao Mr.GermanTruck, thanks for the video and for the signaling.
      I have done many tests with active even with wielton not up to date
      I did not have any problem, and with the log file logs without errors.

      Do I have to delete all the unit folder?
      thanks again

  7. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

    1. Ciao PolishDriverTruck, thanks for the video
      I also looked at yours.

  8. Joachim, es ist egal ob altes model oder nicht. es wurde wieder ein traffic trailer vergessen, cog nicht richtig angepasst, vom flare wllen wir nicht reden, kommt drauf an für welche version es sein soll, und pmgs nicht geupdated.
    da kann das model auch 10 jahre alt sein, das sind flüchtigkeitsfehler, bzw ihr habt beim testen nicht einmal ins log geschaut.
    und wenn du nun noch ein wenig mehr rauszoomst, dann verschwinden die reifen. dafür kannst du nichts, das legt in der tat daran das dieses model alt ist, es benötigt neue wheels via Blender. das kann ich auch nicht fixen, keine ahnung von.
    was mich aber wirklich traurig macht, ich meine es nur gut. ich hatte immer freundlich auf die fehler hingewiesen, und du tust so als ob ich hier schaiss erzähle. und dann nicht den hintern in der hase es einfach zuzugeben. ich weiss ihr wollt saubere mods abliefern, und wenn ich helfen kann, dann tue ich das auch gerne. hier gibt es genug leute denen alles egal ist, hauptsache klicks bekommen. so seit ihr nicht, deshalb finde ich dein verhalten schade.

  9. cool, thanx!

  10. Volvo_King

    Hello Zoso, I don´t know how I should write you so I will write you here 🙂 Trailer works perfect, any bugs 🙂 I have rebuilt trailer for my friend and I need add mudflap for this trailer – – I know you make any requests so I understand when you say NO, it is ok 🙂 But, when you want make me happy, please, tell me on steam, I have same name like here 🙂 Thanks in advance! Have a nice day and keep driving 🙂

    1. Ciao Volvo_King, sorry but i’m not a modder and i can not add the mudflap.
      I wanted to create this trailer (schmitz) standalone but on my blender it crashes
      And I can not understand the reason.
      I thank you and I’m sorry for not being able to help you.

      1. Volvo_King

        It is ok 🙂 Try change the unit file: type: spot, forward_distance: false, model: “/model/flare/uniform_cold_white.pmd”

        1. I’ve already tried but the result does not change.
          I’m trying to figure out why the wheels disappear on the wielton
          That’s why I did not reload the trailer

  11. How Can i add this Trailer to ETS2 Studio

    Wie kann ich den Trailer Zu ETS2 Studio Hinzufügen

  12. Go ahead on these pages and you will find the video tutorial, or else you can find it in the forum (tutorial)
    you can also search the forum browser by writing: Tutorial how to add trailers to ETS2studio.
    I recommend you step by step what you see in the video and you’ll see that you will do it.
    If you have trouble testing multiple times, the first impact seems complicated but not difficult.
    If you can let me know???

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