Trailer with Building Materials 1.33.x

Baustofftrailer V2 for 1.32 & 1.33
Mod by Old Swede
as in the Old Version for 1.31 he has texture errors I did not fix that. I just updated it to v1.32 & 1.33
as well as chrome adapted and adapted to wheels
Have fun with the update

Old Swed (Updated for 1.32 & 1.33 (Custom Truck Stayling ETS Junkie)


7 thoughts on “Trailer with Building Materials 1.33.x

  1. hansetrans

    old #### cooked warm – bad update

  2. ETS Junkie

    This is the version of Old Swede .. I have in the month of 1.33 hunted … mitlerweile there is an update.

    Meanwhile, there is a new Trailer Updat where the freights are adjusted and also the point over the beacons is gone … this I hold but private

    Note: this DL is not mine so I have no responsibility for the trailer

  3. can someone make goldhofer flatbed ownable please?

    1. TheGreenlightTrucker

      Goldhofer is ownable.

      -> Jazzycat

      1. Kevin Naldony

        Flatbed – read carefully 😀

      2. like this one, but this version dont work anymoar with 1.33 and its not ownable 🙁

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