Trailer with Swedish Flags

Trailer-with-Swedish-Flags-1 Trailer-with-Swedish-Flags-2 Trailer-with-Swedish-Flags-3

– No in traffic.
– No manifest file.
– Standalone.
– Tested on 1.21
– Cargo: “Swedish flags”

Respect my link!

Authors: Maximka.P, SCS, Sib3rius, Sheryo, Rommi TZ


6 thoughts on “Trailer with Swedish Flags

  1. Ragnar Modding

    Sry but thats worst….
    The Flag on the side isnt a flag its an cross….
    And the *flags* in front and back r only crosses too….
    Make it a lil better….

    1. Maximka.L

      Ok, thnx, for comment.

  2. why not add to the credits also Matdom 1988?
    he reworked the trailer and added to ETS2studio
    for all of us.
    What do you think friends

    1. Maximka.L

      Ok, better?:
      Maximka.P, SCS, Sib3rius, Sheryo, Rommi TZ, Matdom 1988, ETS2studio

      1. Ciao Maximka.L you must not be angry ?if all other friends
        respect the credits will make Matdom1988 other trailers to be added to ETS2studio

        1. Maximka.L

          Hey, man, I am not angry ?, I’ve already understood, that you’re right, it’s not sarcasm =)

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