Trailer with Volvo FH Truck

Trailer-with-Volvo-FH-Truck-1 Trailer-with-Volvo-FH-Truck-2

Replaced AeroDynamic Trailer

Author: Gustavo Ferrari


7 Responses to Trailer with Volvo FH Truck

  1. Random UA says:

    make it standalon:)

  2. Actross says:

    its like : ….

  3. MaxSenz says:

    This looks like the ugly “lowrider” truck mods :(((

  4. Flux says:


  5. @dr_jaymz says:

    dude why always the rear up? this are work trucks not lowriders or 80´s camaro…

  6. Srdjan says:

    not nice and not realistic. truck should be as a game and not some other species, the truck should be secured, tied some straps cargo

  7. T-Rieper-GER says:

    This trailer isnt realistic.
    The Truck is to high. It should be like the other vehicle-trailers. I think they are called “low-saddle” or something like that…

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