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Author: Edward Anderson


9 thoughts on “Trailer

  1. Standalone?

  2. Best title and description ever!


    1. other of those #### brazilian traileres with the elevated back that nobody likes, that should be the description

      1. george456

        stfu dude, if you dont like it, doesn’t mean other people cant like it.

  3. why is so high in the back??? are all trailers like this in brazil???

    1. keisuken.

      haha no, they do this because of the weight, and its very rare.

    2. george456

      haha no dude, they do that because of the weight. And its very rare.

      1. No, its not rare, and its not because of weight, its Brazil tuning style, many trailers in Brazil are like this, and shut up if you dont know anything about it

  4. Ragebayne

    Replaces? Or standalone

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