Trailers 20 Krone Cool Liners Pack


– Trailers 20 Krone Cool Liners Pack
– Previously released as single trailers.
– Now all in one SCS file.
– Standalone.
– In Traffic
– Tested in ETS2 v1.26.x.
– Made with ETS2 Studio

– Bachmann
– Bode
– Bofrost
– Berliner Kindl
– Europe Flyer
– Girteka
– Gustke
– Heiploeg
– Henglenin
– Heuser
– Kulton
– Langnese
– Launis
– Ralph Davies
– Repinski
– Rewe
– Sainsburys
– Schultheiss
– Sinalco
– Trio Trans

-Special thanks to FatLizard.

– Please respect my work, and the download link, thanks…

Mako8841, SCS Software


10 thoughts on “Trailers 20 Krone Cool Liners Pack

  1. Nice thanks Mako8841 for the trailer pack

    1. You’re welcome!

      1. It is not a polemic I just wanted to get you noticed
        that my thinking was not wrong
        the other day you said to a friend that you were not able to create has a trailer package.
        as you did in one day create this package?
        surely you have studied a trailer package is not blocked
        if you feel like you can replicate otherwise it is not a problem

        1. Hello, FatLizard told me to look for the Mod Merge Tool. I saw it in Ets2 Studio yesterday, and I tried it. It worked for me. So I made my first trailer package. And you are a nice guy. My mods are not locked as I said. And feel free to write me any time. Thanks!

          1. I have already expressed my thoughts
            you are free to do whatever you want
            maybe one day you will say Zoso was right
            Thank you for the nice guy, but I think you are also intelligent person
            and I want to clarify that I am not a modder and are not skinner
            good evening

  2. FatLizard

    What we got here ? … really a good work ! Thanks Mako8841 … Bravo 🙂
    I don’t deserve your Special Thanks … although now I walk twenty centimeters from the ground …. 😀 😀 :D.

    @ Zoso : Tutto ok … a lui serviva solo una dritta per usare il Mod Merge Tool in ETS2 Studio e in un attimo ha potuto creare una collezione di rimorchi che aveva già pubblicato singolarmente.
    … e poi non è vero che non sei uno skinner … se vado a rovistare nell’hard disk sono sicuro di trovare ancora il tuo Italtrans che mi era piaciuto molto !!! 🙂

    1. Ciao, hai fatto bene,anch’io ultimamente ho aiutato scania_dragon
      aveva il problema ombra rossa, e anche li c’è stato qualche furbetto(no scania_dragon) prima ha guardato il mio tutorial e poi ad un altro amico gli avrebbe spiegato come risolvere ombra rossa ma in privato,non ti girano le palle? purtroppo per questi elementi sono spariti molti Modders, è non vogliono capire che senza mod questo gioco dopo mezz’ora diventa noioso.
      Io so fare poco e mi ritengo solo 1che si diverte(fatti un giro nella mia pagina da italtrans in poi ho fatto ancora qualcosina)
      gli skinners e modders sono altri bravi è non.
      Conosci :E’fetsta della PFM ?

  3. sqferryman

    Thanks very much for releasing this pack. 🙂
    Hoping to see lots more in the future- keep them flowing! 🙂 🙂

  4. spartacus33

    Thx a lots…

  5. wonderful

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