Trailers and Cargo Pack by Jazzycat v 2.8


Pack adds in game 63 new trailers, 282 new cargos, 387 traffic trailers and over 1600 skins for trailers.
New cargos added to 85 companies for TSM Map, Promod, Europe Rebuilding, MsHeavyAlex Map, Rus Map, Eastern Express.
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
Compatible with all my packs.
Tested on 1.13.x

Included english and russian versions.

For english version you must have in mod folder three files:

Version 2.8 – added 8 new trailers, 14 new cargos, 25 new skins, added masses for all traffic trailers.

Some of new stuff:

If you’re using mods, replacing default trailers, correct work of pack not guaranteed!



17 thoughts on “Trailers and Cargo Pack by Jazzycat v 2.8

    1. you are the best jazzycat 🙂

      1. Jazzycat Hello, I have all your mod (they are perfect)
        I wanted to say when I use a tandem truck bdf (Vinge flam)
        I can not find the trailer for tandem, and I have to turn off your pack trailers, you can do something ???? thanks

  1. Jaz, if you want to use my skins trucks and trailers (real textures) you can do it !!! ciao ciaox

  2. You are great. 😉

  3. You are great. 😉

  4. Small fix for those who updated to 1.14 beta

    Without fix pack will not work on 1.14 beta!

    1. Thanks!

  5. TYVM.

    I think I’m need a stronger PC \o/

  6. You are the best, Jazzycat!!!!

  7. Does it works on 1.12?

  8. just great many thanks for your mods 🙂

  9. Rocket455Man


    Could you make the American 53 ft trailers?

    – Real Full Tailer Combination driver –

  10. james tooey

    hi jazzycat i wanna ask you some thing have you got a facebook account you can message me from please thats my facebook link if not comment back and i arrange another way to talk

  11. MsHeavyAlex

    Thank you Jazzcat … I just get information from my map players that you release this for 1.14.x version too …

    Great Mods,great work, they work with my map MOD great, I respect all your work…time and everything what it has to do with ETS2 …thank you on that !!

  12. I have a lot of warnings like this: Cargo ‘cargo.brok_truck’: vehicles list is not empty! The list should be defined using the new directory-based mechanism.

  13. este mod no me deja ver la lista de cargas, no puedo selecionar ningun trabajo, lo quito y el juego vuelve a la normalidad, existe alguna correccion para este problema.

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