Trailers and cargo pack by Jazzycat v2.6


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Pack adds in game 47 new trailers, 255 new cargos and over 1500 skins for trailers.
New cargos added to 82 companies for all actual maps.
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
Tested on 1.12.1
Compatible with all my packs.

Included english and russian versions.

For english version you must have in mod folder three files:

Version 2.6 – added Böse Curtainsider Trailer, Lamberet Trailer, Krone Dryliner Trailer, Böse Submatic Trailer, Jumbo Trailer, Odaz Trailer, Maz Trailer, 10 new cargos, over 100 new skins, D-Tec Trailers were changed, added groups(categories) for all cargos, fixed some minor bugs.

Some of new stuff:

ATTENTION! Some trailers have been modified! For full compatibility between my packs use only the latest versions of packs!
If you’re using mods, replacing default trailers, correct work of pack not guaranteed!



44 thoughts on “Trailers and cargo pack by Jazzycat v2.6

  1. Experimental Trucker

    @Jazzycat. Thank you. Your time and effort with these packs are well appreciated.

  2. I love your packs, but these 4 and 5 axle Containertrailers are looking so staggeringly dumb. 😉

  3. Fantastic job Jazzy! Thank You so much!

  4. ich glaub da fehlt ne datei im pack????

  5. ich glaub da fehlt ne datei im pack?

  6. Thank you!

  7. really nice job, thanks for all your mods!!!

  8. awesome jazzy jazzy…….cat. your the best as always…

  9. once again THANK U SO MUCH

  10. Thanks for this one Bro. Keep up the good work. I Really love all of your mods. 🙂

  11. Works on 1.11.x patch ?

    1. I installed it last night, and seems just fine.

  12. Your mod makes me happy. Thank you

  13. Brian James

    I want to say Thank you. Your stuff is always clean and never bogs my system down. Thank you very much

  14. As always…

    Absolutely OUTSTANDING.


  15. thank you jazzycat!

  16. Works on 1.10.1s ???

    1. No! Don`t work! I tested!

  17. Thank you so much Jazzycat!


    If I have 2.4 do I keep it and ad this one or do I remove 2.4 and then install the 2.6 version. BTW you do great work and improve the game by so much, so thank you for sharing your hard work with us, anyway thanks to all the moders for giving us all these wonderful mods. I’ve always been a console gamer and I’ve just started PC gaming for 4 months now and ever since I discovered the world of mods for games, I’ll never go back to console gaming. THAKS AGAIN MODERS!

    1. @JPM Shipping.. you will need to remove previous version.

  19. @Jazzy:good work and thank You.Question:could U make a heavy and oversize cargo pack?

  20. do i need keep zzTSM_Schwerlast_Trailerpacket_1.9_Packet_1-3,2-3 and 3-3 or can delete those mod now

  21. Thank you so much, jazzycat! Great stuff!!

    I highly recommend their Military cargo pack, and Rail cargo (recently updated) as well. Very nicely done.

  22. i have instal the past in 30 minits mij pc cras in software. farmat the hole disc new windows instalid. wort fine for 2 days instalid the traile pack again hole pc crash also. have put de pc in car and toe the pc shop i bay the pc.put de hdd in other pc an the past haf a back doar zo u windows crash evrytime big bug an virus so dont instal is i woret deletit the trailer pack an mij windows was start like new.

    1. James Bakker

      Are you for real? … Do u have any knowledge of hardware , software , gaming or PC’s for that matter.

      If I didn’t know any better , than you would have scared me away from one of the BEST MOD-der’S presented and famous around this Community. Troll

      But my attention goes out to “JAZZYCAT”, thanks for everything. Top Job

  23. Awesome work Jazzycat!! Works fine on 1.12.x

  24. This is truly excellent. Thank you so much for all your work in this and other mods – you make ETS2 come alive.

  25. I cannot get the baobab tree to show up in the jobs list. Anybody know why? I’ve tried it on a couple different profiles now and no luck. I look in the trailer browser and they show up. But not once in the jobs list in game.

  26. MsHeavyAlex


    man great work with this trailers !! In global, all your work is very highly ranked .

    Thank you on that !!

  27. It is compatible with DLC High Power Cargo Pack? Or only 2.5 version + fix is compatible with DLC High Power Cargo Pack?

  28. it does not work with DLC High power cargo pack.Can you fix it?

  29. Steve_the_trucker

    Excellent pack, thank you jazzycat.

  30. it will not work for me bacuase it is a (.7z) if there is a way around this hrlp me the only way i have got mos t work for me is in (scs) file

    1. it will not work for me bacusase it is a (.7z) and it will not read in my mod folder help me

  31. Freddy Jimmink

    Is it possible someone makes the D-tec 5 axle containers a stand-alone?

    They’re great but i hav my own trailerpack where i would like the 5 axle container in,

    Thanks in advance.

    Freddy Jimmink

  32. TheDane2006

    Jazzycat my friend – yer never stop to impress me with yer Trailers and cargo-packs, how on earth can yer still find new stuff to put into them? – amazing job pally.

  33. Leon Unger

    I also bougth DLC High Power Cargo pack from steam , and after the installation of this trailler pack , the game shows a message tha mofigications was made. So the game reset actual cargo, we appear in home garace , almost none traffic , and the cargo market is empty. I try to remome tsm map, but this mod still not work. DLC High Power pack is the culprit ?

  34. how do i install this pack on my steam game?

  35. all my jobs disappear,with the trailer packs how do I fix this?

  36. Jazzycat.

    Great work, once again, where can I find these files:

    Do you have a link you could post?


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