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Trailers and Cargo Pack v 2.0.1


Pack adds about 130 trailers and cargos and about 500 skins for default trailers.
All standalone. Works on any maps.
Tested on

Author: jazzycat


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29 Responses to Trailers and Cargo Pack v 2.0.1

  1. Kajus says:

    Thank u verry much i waithed for that :PPP

  2. Karrprince says:

    i love your trailer mods. but was is the difference to 2.0 ???


  3. Fane says:

    This pack included skin for buses?

    • Theosz says:

      I think that if this is done, it would be better in another package. AI to buses, for example.

      Jazzy already has a AI cars mod.

      • Human says:

        Jazzycat, can you make one big megatraffic only car mod in package? And maybe if possible somehow then convert some .pmg files in newer version then game car loading faster in game. Sry but if you make trucks and cargos in traffic then please put them all driving in road faster. Moment have some of AI cars and truck little bit slower in road if drive in 1. line where they can drove a faster, sry that long comment for me.

  4. Floppy D. says:

    Great job as always!

  5. Infexis says:

    Works perfect

  6. Gorkal1ty says:

    Amazing work. Works perfect. Cant wait for the 2.1 version. Keep on! ; )

  7. tr_blunt says:

    Great pack, (all) your work is appreciated!

  8. Rippindatbong says:

    Works good…I’d like to see a few big over-sized loads in your trailer packs in the future. Great mod to my game…!

  9. max says:

    How to find BDF trailer in that amount of trairelrs? I have BDF Scania but if I use trailers pack mod i cant find BDF trailer. Whats the problem?

  10. popoflofo says:

    ça ne marche pas avec la TSM 4.0??? j’arrive pas a le démarrer donc c’est soit le mods ou mon jeu

  11. Redneck49 says:

    There are some mods out that are just heavy or over-sized loads.

  12. dani says:

    jazzy, will you make a special cargo mod?

  13. EREN YAZICI says:

    it doesn’work this trailer v1.8.2.5 I’m playing game original map steam error problem please help me (my version

  14. Robisierra says:


  15. g says:

    Hi, how do I turn the 7z file into a scs. I use 7zip but it says error when I extract.
    Thanks , g

  16. Tasmanian_Devils_Bro says:

    hi Jazzy, great mod
    i found a bug with the boat trailer, boats name is Saint Lidia II, you cannot drive under traffic lights in Esbjerg and Aalborg(Promod map)

  17. Justice says:

    Nice mod Jazzy, but can you translate all cargo to English plz? I liked to know what i’m driving across Europe.

  18. Peter Lokey says:

    Jazzycat Does This Mod Change The Name Of The Locations You Pick Up And Deliver To? It’s Pretty Awesome So Far. I just Downloaded It This Morning. Is There A List Of All The Different Things In This Mod? Let Me Know. Thanks

  19. andri sopian says:

    THIS IS WORK ON v.1.7.1 ?

  20. Andrie says:

    work on 1.7.1 ?

  21. Theosz says:


    Is it possible lock the loads/cargo most heavy to use only to truck with 6×2/4 chassis or higher? I’ll apreciate very much.

    I think it is a little bit weird get heavy loads 25, 30t, 37t, 50t… with many axles… and the truck has only 4×2. It’s a suggestion to next version.

    thx again for this great pack

  22. Krayze says:

    Can you make the cargos to appear more frequently in Job market ? something like Trailerpack Schwerlast from Truck-Sim. And a english pack would be nice.

  23. john avgos says:

    the best mod ever..Too many trailers,played without any problem,and the best of all is that they play with the old mod trailers together with not crash..thank you very much

  24. troelsl says:

    doss this work on v1.22

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