Trailers and cargo pack v2.0


Mod adds about 130 trailers and cargos. All standalone. Noting
replace. Works on any maps. Tested on 1.7.0

v1.0 Added about 100 trailers and cargos.

v2.0 Added 30 overweight cargos and about 500 skins for default
Skins used by other authors.



81 thoughts on “Trailers and cargo pack v2.0

  1. VolterMort

    Jazzycat, this mod work with your previous mod named Millitary cargo or something like this? Or some of the cargos are in both mods?

    1. All my packs can work together.

      1. So v2.0 will work with v1.0?

        1. Redneck49, no. This is the same pack.

    2. I am wondering if it is possible to get the names of the cargos in something other than the cyrillic writing I see now? I heard from a person I know that he had english text on all of the cargos, but I can not seem to get it. I would therefore be very thankful if somebody could tell me whether or not there is a fix to this “problem”. Other than that the mod is just awesome!:)

  2. Hey, Jazzy, most seem to work, but they are /really/ rare to stumble upon, so I have no clue which work and which don’t, I have Promods installed btw, not TSM.
    Maybe the spawn rate could be increased?

    1. No.

  3. Yep I confirm that JazzyC says .. I’m currently using Trailer 2.0 ,military + another cargo mod,all work well toghether even in 1.7 . However,some of the trailers from companies will overwrite,but that doesn’t mean you will never get a specific trailer. Random is a beautifull thing and you’ll get to see and transport all of the trailers eventualy. Much love and safe drive :>

  4. By anychance is ther an empty flatbed in this mod ?

  5. Jonesy .. i’ve been using these here mods for a long time now,i’ve seen AI with empty wood flatbeds,but none at the companies to carry around,but i think you can find them around as a standalone ,good luck :>

    1. Okay I’ll have a search around thanks lucian

  6. is this mod work in new TSM map?

    1. Yes.

  7. Thank You for this mod. A couple errors:


    “00:00:23.508 : Loaded trailers: 263
    00:00:23.511 : Loaded small traffic vehicles: 36
    00:00:23.513 : Loaded truck traffic vehicles: 13
    00:00:23.518 : [fs] Failed to open file “/def/vehicle/trailer/glass_trailer_variant_a_traffic.sii” in the read_only mode
    00:00:23.518 : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/trailer_traffic_storage.jazzycat.sii’, line 4:
    00:00:23.518 : Failed to open the file ‘/def/vehicle/trailer/glass_trailer_variant_a_traffic.sii’.
    00:00:23.518 : load_filtered_unit_array() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/trailer_traffic_storage.jazzycat.sii)

    Some cargo name is russian language only…

    1. “A couple errors:”
      Yes, my mistake (

      “Some cargo name is russian language only…”
      I’m russian )))

  8. Sorry guys. Little problem with traffic (
    Delete from trailer_traffic_storage.jazzycat.sii line @include “trailer/glass_trailer_variant_a_traffic.sii”

    1. Did you solve this problem ? We must download it again (update with fix)?

      1. You can open mod and delete line @include “trailer/glass_trailer_variant_a_traffic.sii” from file trailer_traffic_storage.jazzycat.sii
        Or download pack again through two hours.

        1. As i don’t know how to open mod and delete line, i will DL this impressive mod when you will have upload new version.

          How will we know it’s the updated version we can DL ?

          By the way, BIG THX for your work !!


          1. Fixed pack uploaded.

  9. what level we mut be to drive those cargos?

    1. It depends from lines ‘company_unlock’ in gamedata.sii on your map.

  10. dear Jazzycat,

    are you gonna make an update for your fantastic

    painted_truck_traffic_by_Jazzycat_v1.1 mod , with

    the new Volvo?

    you do a lot of great work with all your mods.


    1. Coming soon )

      1. Thanks looking very nice.

        1. would you consider to bfing back the

          rusti Iveco?

      2. YES !!!


  11. i try to downlaod it but a big pop upp appear and i cant download

  12. Thx for your work. You are a great guy. 😉

  13. Данный пак заменяет дефолтные прицепы,я скины менял на прицепах и с в 1.0 они работали а с в 2.0 перестали.
    в папке company

    1. Изменены ссылки в материалах, поэтому старая система дефолтных скинов не работает.

  14. Great mod,mate
    Let’##### the road with this!

  15. wiith it been a 7z file, hhow do i change iit to scs? i use WINrar.
    thanks ,G

    1. 7 zip is a free download, alternative to winrar. I use both depending on what the author used to compress the file. You will find 7zip easily using something like google. Once you have both 7zip and Winrar installed you can choose which one to use to open your files.

  16. Hello

    trailer pack 1.8 ready??THX

  17. Wow that’s great friend! Thanks!

  18. Jazzycat

    1) As you are russian, do you have contact with developers K100, W900A, W900L, Freighliner 120, Classic, T800, Peterbilt 386.389, MAN F 2000 5410 Kamaz, Scania 143M, T 2000, Ural 4320 …?

    1a) There are some bugs/issues and I cannot drive and make my collection cause some slot conflicts at dealership and traffic mods when we see game.log.txt with warnings, erros, mainly “old formats” – this is causing much lags.

    oh.. could you convert Cargo’s name to english, plz

    1. Sorry, selfmade trucks don’t interest me.

      “could you convert Cargo’s name to english”
      Maybe, in next version.

      1. thx.

        about these trucks… was just to tell the problems to creators. Its hard to contact him

        thx again. great job

      2. Cargos not being in english is the only thing thats keeping me from using this mod, everything else in it is great.

        I really hope that you do decide to do the cargos in english for the next version.

  19. Hi!

    Thank You for update. No erros and only a couple warning messages.

  20. This is one of the greatest pack i found (using 1.0 atm) but sadly like someone said they are kinda rare…

  21. Michael Andersen

    spookey i cant get this mods to Work same problem vith military cargo
    ewen im on 1,7 and a legal copy sadley looks nicer

  22. este sirve para la version 1.3.1

  23. Hello. I have 1.7.0 version. But this mod not work. I copy this mod in mods and turn on in game but still not working. i dont know where is problem. And i have TSM 4X

    1. Conflict with other mod I think.

  24. the oversized cargoes won’t show. help me. or how does it work?

    1. Maybe, your level too low.

  25. oversize cargo ai traffic disapear, how to fix it…

  26. noisesless

    oversize cargo traffic ai dissapear, only normal cargo and tanker in the road. how to fix it???

    1. Download pack again(2.0fixed)

      1. noisesless

        fixed, mega thanks..

      2. Why re-downloading the same mod that the link wasnt updated would fix that the traffic dont use the mod? makes no sense…

        1. anyway gotta try again…if still not working gonna stay on 1.0 i guess

      3. well found the problem..

        00:00:30.518 : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/trailer/lumber_trailer_traffic.sii’, line 2:
        00:00:30.518 : Included at ‘/def/vehicle/trailer_traffic_storage.jazzycat.sii’, line 3:
        00:00:30.518 : [unit] The unit name ‘traffic.trailer.lumber’ is already taken by an existing unit (of type ‘trailer’).
        00:00:30.518 : load_filtered_unit_array() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/trailer_traffic_storage.jazzycat.sii)

        so deleted lumber line in traffic storage…guess this needs version 3.0!

        1. k found the real problem its not compatible with heavy AI custom traffic 🙁

  27. Jazzy baby,not sure what you fixed,but there’s even more russian in the names then before, LOL .

  28. Hi jazzy, can’t seem to download it. Keeps on giving me captcha. any alternative?

  29. Hello. This mod not working for me. I copied this pack to mods but still not working. I deleted any others trailers from mod and still not working. I have game version 1.7 and original map. Can you help me?

    1. Sorry sorry, all working. I activated this mod in my profile. Thanks for this nice pack

  30. Всегда одна и та-же ошибка выбрасывает из игры. Но только в Англии. Можно как-то удалить модификцию Iveco, она мне все портит.

    00:19:27.163 : [fs] Failed to open file \/vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/iveco_stralis/mirror_01__uk.pmd\ in the read_only mode
    00:19:27.164 : [resource_task] Can not open ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/iveco_stralis/mirror_01__uk.pmd’
    00:19:27.164 : [fs] Failed to open file \/vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/iveco_stralis/mirror_01__uk.pmg\ in the read_only mode
    00:19:27.164 : [resource_task] Can not open ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/iveco_stralis/mirror_01__uk.pmg’
    00:19:27.183 : [model] Model descriptor ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/iveco_stralis/mirror_01__uk.pmd’ is malformed.
    00:19:27.184 : [model] Model geometry ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/iveco_stralis/mirror_01__uk.pmg’ is malformed.
    00:19:27.220 : [fs] Failed to open file \/vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/iveco_stralis/mirror_01__uk.pmd\ in the read_only mode
    00:19:27.220 : [ld] failed to open /vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/iveco_stralis/mirror_01__uk.pmd
    00:19:27.220 : .model_template.cpp(559): ?cache_data_handler@model_template_u@prism@@UAEXXZ: Failed to load model descriptor (.pmd) or model geometry (.pmg) for ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/iveco_stralis/mirror_01__uk.pmg’

    1. Во-первых, не фиг использовать мод, сделанный под карту России, в Европе. Во-вторых, проблема не в Ивеко, а в Петербилте. В-третьих, вот фикс

    do you have a link for the trailer alone is not all that different trailers

  32. I am wondering if it is possible to get the names of the cargos in something other than the cyrillic writing I see now? I heard from a person I know that he had english text on all of the cargos, but I can not seem to get it. I would therefore be very thankful if somebody could tell me whether or not there is a fix to this “problem”. Other than that the mod is just awesome!:)

    1. Open up .sii files (I use Notepad) in def\cargo folder.

      Change the name of the cargo to English by copying Russian text to online translator, replace with English translation.

      i.e. airtrac.sii

      name: “Аэродромный тягач”

      Online translator says “Аэродромный тягач” means “Airport tractor”

      So change it to..

      name: “Airport tractor”

      1. Where can I find this map/file def/cargo?? I want to change the Russian names. Great mod!

  33. Now all my pack here:

  34. Hi there
    Just want to say your mod looks great but does not work on my ets2 1.7.
    Please help….
    Greetings Paul.

  35. Great Mod but I keep getting errors every time the game wants to generate a Gooseneck trailer:

    [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/trailer_eu/gooseneck/cargo_21b.pmd” in the read_only mode

    This error applies not only to cargo_21b.pmd but cargo_42 cargo_20 etc. When I look in your mod /vehicle/trailer_eu I see no Gooseneck folder where the pmd’s would be. Please help.

    1. My Bad… Downloaded it again and everything’s fine. Odd stuff. Awesome mod! 🙂

  36. MattNowear2

    what work on version 1.3.1 ?

  37. Hey uploader great work,u must have worked lots of hours on this pack,really great job,the only problem is i see in traffic mods but at companies all i see is standard game trailers or trailers with skin that’s all,no big cargos available for jobs,anyone can help me with that?
    thank you!

  38. descovered the problem,u need to have skills,if cheated to get money or something,or if u dont have skills big cargos wont apear,thanks uploader,great mods!

  39. Hello Jazzycat

    I have a sugestion:

    The name of the company is different when we see the logo and when we see the “computer console” – key [F6].

    I ask to the name of the company/logo be the same into console when we press [F6]. TSM has the same problem…

    When I drive using [Map – Oriental Express Russia v3.0 by Valera_t.scs] the names are equals.

    Its a little beat confusing when we see the company’s name in [F6] key and the company’s logo/deposit/warehouse

    oh. when possible, could you write the name of cargos in english? I understand that you are russian but still is a little bit confusing to me.


    1. More great work from Jazzycat, makes the game more interesting plus with a bit of editing, you can choose only the trucks/traffic you want to see or not see in-game, brilliant…

  40. Oh, and with Google Translate and a bit more editing, you can change the cargo names yourself, like I and probably most other non-Russian players already did. It’s not hard and doesn’t take long…

  41. Does this mod work with 1.8.25 version?

  42. Big trailer are too big because toll booths on the highway.


  43. rajveer nanda

    Sir. I’m totally confused,please tell me your all mods can perform ets2 version (base game).I download all mods but totaly confusion, and how i download maps mods. What to do kindly tell me, how i run the game using the mods….

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