Trailers from DLC High Power Cargo Pack in Traffic


Mod adds in traffic trailers from DLC High Power Cargo Pack.
Required DLC High Power Cargo Pack!

SCS, Jazzycat


6 thoughts on “Trailers from DLC High Power Cargo Pack in Traffic

  1. Experimental Trucker

    @Jazzycat. Thank you. Your time and effort with these packs are well appreciated.

  2. Thanks bro. your the best!

  3. To bad you can’t ride this cargo pack..

  4. I have downloaded this pack and it dose not show up in game so removed all other mods and still nothing help please

  5. lukas430000

    Thanks Jazzy.
    Another nice mod. Works perfect for me on 1.12

  6. Does anybody have problems when you download and get a load of add ons in the download manager software: Software messing up your browser, programs asking to clean your systom. In other words loads of junk that comes with the download program

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