Trailers from DLC High Power Cargo Pack in Traffic


Mod adds in traffic trailers from DLC High Power Cargo Pack.
Required DLC High Power Cargo Pack!

SCS, Jazzycat


6 Responses to Trailers from DLC High Power Cargo Pack in Traffic

  1. Experimental Trucker says:

    @Jazzycat. Thank you. Your time and effort with these packs are well appreciated.

  2. Krysler says:

    Thanks bro. your the best!

  3. Timothy says:

    To bad you can’t ride this cargo pack..

  4. paul says:

    I have downloaded this pack and it dose not show up in game so removed all other mods and still nothing help please

  5. lukas430000 says:

    Thanks Jazzy.
    Another nice mod. Works perfect for me on 1.12

  6. ziggydog says:

    Does anybody have problems when you download and get a load of add ons in the download manager software: Software messing up your browser, programs asking to clean your systom. In other words loads of junk that comes with the download program

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