Trailers Krone Profi & Cool Liner Pack

Trailers Krone Profi & Cool Liner Pack
In Traffic

Trailers Include 16 trailers;
Krone Cool Liner Duplo
Krone Cool Liner Edeka Nord
Krone Cool Liner Hungarian Paprika
Krone Cool Liner Vetter Hungary
Krone Profi Liner bjorktra Timber
Krone Profi Liner DB Schenker Life Ball
Krone Profi Liner Fahrschule
Krone Profi Liner France Line
Krone Profi Liner HTF
Krone Profi Liner Kik
Krone Profi Liner Pfaff
Krone Profi Liner Spare Parts
Krone Profi Liner Swedish Argo
Krone Profi Liner Thomaidis Transport
Krone Profi Liner Trinkgut
Krone Profi Liner Philippe Tarteret Timber

Tested in ETS2 v1.26.4.3
Made with ETS2 Studio
Please respect my work
Author: Mako8841 2-2017

Mako8841, SCS Software


10 thoughts on “Trailers Krone Profi & Cool Liner Pack

  1. did you checked the game log??

    1. I am very sorry! I have merged all trailer mods with ETS2 Studio. Everything went well. There were no errors doing that. Now, I also see errors in my log. I really don’t know how to fix the problem. All I can do is repack, and merge again. I think ETS2 Studio is out of date yet I have the newest version. But in the game, the trailers work fine for jobs, and ai. Thanks for your reply, and again I would not put a mod online that I know is wrong.

  2. techkilla

    red log ((((

    1. Well, since all mods were made in ETS2 Studio, all I can say is that it is the fault of the program. All the trailers work well. But, there are errors. I find SCS to be a very strange company. First, they make Vive la France with NO Eiffel Tower! Now, ETS2 Studio is not making the trailers right. And lastly, ETS2 Studio indicates there is a new version out v0.7.4.2. But there is no such version available online. There is no download link for this new version. For now we will still make trailers, errors or not. So, we’ll just wait and see…

    1. Thanks Rudi.. Will check it out.

  3. The information on these links are vague at best. Deleting traffic files? And which one in the folder? SCS is too lazy to update ETS2 Studio. Deleting files from over 400 trailers is ridiculous! Changes must be made, the right program available for download, and insuring the trailers work. I will take a leave of absence for a while. I hope SCS does something fast. But as I stated before, SCS is a very strange company… Thanks to you all! Cheers…

  4. sqferryman

    Hey Mako8841, another great pack. Please keep on making these brilliant mods.
    Regarding the issues you are having have you tried posting on SCS forum for advice. Surely someone on there has the knowledge of the software to help.
    Wishing you happy driving (and modding!) ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you very much sqferryman! So far No Luck! But, until ETS2 Studio is updated, there will be errors. However all the trailers work great! Thanks again!

  5. sqferryman

    Mako8841, Keep trying and see what happens.Can’t understand SCS as surely the more people using their products the better for them.At least Rudi gave some advice which is more than a lot of critics on these boards…
    Happy driving (and modding!)

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