Trailers Mod Pack v 0.9


The complete list of Trailers present:
– Aliberti Trasporti
– Bartolini
– Granarolo
– Auchan
– LD Market
– Simply
– Waberer’s
– Eurotrasporti
– LKW Walter
– Fercam
– Winner Spedition
– Esso
– Dachser
– Esselunga
– Italtrans
– Brugioni
– H. Essers
– Rhenus
– Hoyer
– Ewals Cargo Care
– FM Logistic
– Centrum
– Wim Bosman

Trailers added in this version:
– TNT Express
– Ceva

Author: MartinoPio


5 thoughts on “Trailers Mod Pack v 0.9

  1. where is cargo group[]: line

    1. MartinoPio

      What is the website of the company?

  2. cargo group[]: is new line of what is latest game version in game and put trailer showing in cargo market when choosing and sort cargos by group.


    cargo_data: cargo.bk.pc
    name: “Cutlery”

    vehicles[]: trailer.bk

    mass[]: 19000.0

    fragility: 0.5

    price_coef: 1.5
    cog_height_offset[]: 1.0
    group[]: fragile

  3. MartinoPio

    Ah, I did not understand. I’ll see what I can do.

    To the next.

  4. Funziona+per+la+versione+1.31?

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