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Trailers Mod Pack v 2.0


Trailers Mod Pack module is a continuation of Traler skin pack. Mod replaces the trailer and cargo. Change the names of the goods and their mass
The mod works on v 1.4.8 and higher

Modified trailers and Fees: Semi overweight:
– M1A2 Abrams tanks
– Locomotive
– Combine crown
– Trucks MAN
– Case Tractors

– Tyres
– Agricultural Equipment
– For aircraft engines
– Lodz
– Pallets of bricks

Converted trailer for “fuel tank”
Replace new trailer trailer “food cistern”
Replace new trailer trailers “chemical cistern”
New trailer trailers Kogel MAXX replaced Aero
Converted semi trailer on the glass

Author: santan19990


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28 Responses to Trailers Mod Pack v 2.0

  1. alex123 says:

    The Kogel isn’t working for me 🙁

  2. BuckWild says:

    Author is “satan19990” not “santan19990”.

    The site you copied it from made a typo.

  3. MattNowear2 says:

    whether working in version 1.3.1 ???

  4. human says:

    can yu make the new cargo in independed cargos

  5. armand says:

    doesn’t work with other trailer mods unfortunately.

  6. TomaSis says:

    are the overs1ze trailers standalone?? because if not it will be a problem on the road with AI traffic getting stuck on turns … oversize trailer should never be incluided in trafficlol cat

  7. william says:

    locomotive with three axles, 6 axles 2 trucks :S

  8. william says:

    5 exles *

  9. Bosnian Guy! says:

    Amazing work with the pack especially the truck trailer! 😀 THANKS DUDE

  10. puma3086 says:

    muy buenos muchas gracias

  11. HJV says:

    It just doesn’t work for tsm maps

  12. AIR Warrior says:

    У меня только один вопрос, создатель мода в курсе сколько весить тепловоз???

  13. MrETSTrucker says:

    I have tested this mod on TSM Map v4.x and it works, only you have to use the map without one part JPM mod (Just play mod for TSM)…

    It works fine and i like it… so realistic. Especially the agricultural equipment.

  14. Centurin says:

    Pretty good mod. Some of the weights are a little off, (That train weighs over 100 tons). Thanks for leaving the mod unlocked. Currently working on making all the cargo independent. Cheers

  15. MaxSenz says:

    VEEEERY GOOD trailer pack !!!
    But the file is too big !!!
    And i wanna the trailers one by one alone… ?

  16. puma3086 says:

    MAN truck does not work 🙁

  17. MrETSTrucker says:

    I have tested this mod on TSM Map V4.X and works good!

    As allways great job satan19990, keep up the good work.

    Review video will be out soon, here is one of the loads in delivery: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OP75-6RM2g

    Stay tuned…

  18. james says:

    for those who like to see the traffic pulling what you do include the mega traffic mod 4.3 and really bog down your processor. better have a dual core if you are running the TSM MAP 4.0 But it does work well together thanks satan 19990

  19. mikeedude says:

    Excellent mod and works with all my other mods no problem.
    Trailers are really well done and add a nice variation to the stock ones.

  20. MrETSTrucker says:

    Great mod, here is a full review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72hTOhoP4j0

    Good luck guys

  21. shagrathliviu says:

    very good pack, it works even with other pack of trailers,and with tsm 4x map, i saw the heaviest is the train locomotive and armytank..75 tons..and off course they are oversized, and this is the chalenge. all the models give a new fresh air to the game
    thanks for the creators of this mod, wait and hope for a new pack, with others cargo, cheers!!

  22. Jake88 says:

    Very nice mod. Did anyone test ?

  23. Jake88 says:

    Works perfectly on 😀

  24. stevanus rendy says:

    my trailer really heavy, my volvo 750hp must use 8th gear to climb that hill, but it’s great mod, working like a charm in v1.5.2,
    no problem at all !

    thank you in advance for this mod

  25. klojo says:

    this mod not works, no getting trailer wit train or other heavy trailers.
    this sucks direct deleted

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