Trailers Mod Pack v 3.2

Trailers-Mod-Pack-v-3.2-1 Trailers-Mod-Pack-v-3.2-2

Changes in version 3.2:
– Added Schwarzmuller Trailer
– Added Chrome Cistern with Paint
– Added Inter Cars Trailer
– Added Trailer with cows and horses

Author: satan19990


20 thoughts on “Trailers Mod Pack v 3.2

  1. Nice Job Satan +1

  2. Awesome job, my polish friend!

  3. wooooooooowwwww, nice job again!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Some errors on log?

  5. TNX!!


  7. Oh yeah let’s get trucking honk honk,thank you amazing work as usual

  8. Thanks

  9. beautiful mod Satan +2
    and can have a single trailer fuel from skinnare?
    putting credits: satan. thank you ciao ciao

  10. Thanks it’s my best mod i play only with v3 et now you update this mod =)

  11. Experimental Trucker

    Nice. My mods folder has grown once again:-)

  12. scaniatrucker73

    Are these trailers standalone or do they replace?

  13. Tribaltech

    cow trailer have no textures, fix this?

  14. Model in old format detected ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/schmitz/universal/universal.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!
    Chassis reused with different wheel size setup: /vehicle/trailer_eu/sat_aerodyna/aero_dynamic.pmd
    Front wheel sizes, old [] versus new [].
    00:56:18.865 : Rear wheel sizes, old [0.511, 0.511, 0.511, 0.511, 0.511, 0.511] versus new [0.512, 0.512, 0.512, 0.512, 0.512, 0.512].

  15. “Allow copy on another forum but keep orginal download link (with and authors! Do not reupload!”

  16. Great work!

  17. FRANCESCO 90


  18. Wow is very perfect !!

  19. when new vesion come out

  20. michalhi49

    fajne to

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