Trailers Mod Pack

Trailers-Mod-Pack-8 Trailers-Mod-Pack-7 Trailers-Mod-Pack-6 Trailers-Mod-Pack-5 Trailers-Mod-Pack-4 Trailers-Mod-Pack-3 Trailers-Mod-Pack-2 Trailers-Mod-Pack-1

– All trailers are stand alone now
– Changes in Kogel MAXX
– Added Narko trailer
– Added Krone trailer for logs
– Added Krone flatbed with 3 cargos
– Added Bodex trailer
– Added Schmitz refrigerated
– Added Pezzaioli trailer
– Added Jumbo trailer
– Added container schmitz trailer
– Added cement mixer
– Added open top trailer
– New skins for Krone, Schmitz and other trailers
– New trailer replacing food cistern trailer
– New trailer replacing chemical cistern trailer
– New trailer Kogel MAXX replacing Aero trailer
– Edited glass trailer
– Edited log trailer
– Edited gooseneck trailer
– Edited Fuel cistern trailer
– Edited name of cargo and mas
– Added skins for other trailers

Tested and working with 1.4.8 and or higher versions

Authors: satan19990, LPhoenix, Nordish, Boramjaym65


13 Responses to Trailers Mod Pack

  1. Infexis says:

    How many total?

  2. Riper says:

    nice package !

    Does anyone know if it works with TSM 4.5.x ?

    and with Jazzycat trailer package ?

    • Baba says:

      It works with TSM
      and the mod pack is STANDALONE –

      works with ALL trailer package

  3. EldeRock says:

    TRAILER MOD STEALER! This is Jazzy Cat’s pack!

  4. DaSquirrelsNuts says:

    Trailer Stealing newbs

  5. Ianwigan says:

    It might work with every map etc but look at cargos in the freight market lol fridge Cary’s clothes tankers carry fish etc all the rest is ok but it’s just the freight and what carries it mmm I’m not knocking it just saying odd freight clothes in a fridge or reefer

  6. LucianM says:

    Look .. i see my previous comment was removed .. Again,i’m asking, what does this have that you can’t find in Jazzycat’s : painted truck traffic,trailers and corgo 2.1,railway and military pack ? because it so looks like the work of him but mixed up in bigger crap ..

  7. ilian says:

    veri good thank with all mods veri good job

  8. rush_man says:

    Thx but I have to say that all trialers are not stand alone … some of them replace the trailers I have from some other mods…which are different …

  9. dooly says:

    it don’t work, the heavy trailers don’t show up and the “edited” trailers are still the same. don’t upload if it not work!!!

  10. Tanke says:

    Can you make it work please for Promods?
    Would be awesome, thanks in advance đŸ™‚

  11. Siminmotion says:

    Great pack but have noticed that there is no jumbo trailer in game and found that there is no def files for the trailer either so can you fix this plz

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