Trailers Multi Pack


Tested: 1.3.1

Author: Albanil


18 thoughts on “Trailers Multi Pack

  1. ###, this is so annoying… Everyone could make skins for trailers, guys, make a coplete new trailer or do nothing, there are 1343142 skins for trailers and trucks, booring!

    1. Funny because we don´t see must from you Lettel, what are you able to do until now nothing at all.


    2. Freddy Jimmink

      Lettel You counted wrong, there wil be 1.999.999.999,5 skins here,

      Everybody can skin whatever and whenever she/he wants, so get used to it please?

      And honnestly i find Your comments über boringgggggggg!

      It is my birthday and i cry if i want to, so no silly comments please?


      Freddy Jimmink

      1. Hahaha, working in DXTBMP is easy, this skins are so dumb.. I made skins for my own, not to share with everyone… This will be good when ETS will have Spain(or completed EU) in game… Who the f*** will play with Spanian company skins? Except Spain folks… BoOring…

        1. Not everyone likes the same list of companies or even the same design. Some of us are European, American, British, we all have different tastes. Stop whining you extrovert.

          1. ###, but then make different trailer skins… You will play ETS2 and you will only see in game Spanian trailers(skins) o.O So ######…

        2. Why use DXTBMP when you can get Adobe CS2 legally free?

  2. i like it, keep up the good work.
    so there are many skins outthere.
    now you can choose some more, with other skins.

    dont wont .dont download it…..

    1. Freddy Jimmink

      You’re right mate, You can choose,

      And for users of older versions: You can put all .dds files in teh right place of the trailers, it works for me and i use

      Have a nice day,

      Freddy Jimmink

  3. I do not know whether the original owner of the file put the file here or someone else did but this is one of the better presentations I’ve seen for this game. you know what you are getting. If someone else placed it here then the real maker probably won’t see my comment but thank you for your presentation. Lets see more of this in the future.

    1. Lettel: and you live where???

      1. Im from Croatia…

        1. So do you think that spanish people want use your country comppnany trailers?? Thats why mod is made from spanish comppanys.. you can do Croatian comppany trailer skin mod.. its very easy comment everywhere and say that made mods..WHERE ARE THEY?? Yes you say its it so bad cause dont share it or any other work of you? Here is lot of whiners and never we dont see their works.. so must assume that only skill is keep too much voice!

      2. tu-eres-estupido-idiota

        You’re an ##### Croatian company boring and #### ,we no find Croatian ets2 skins on internet ,they #### they #### like you ,uber borrrrring

  4. What would be really impressive was if someone could make a mod that could put all these skins from all these trailer skin mods in the game at the same time – making an ultra huge skin pack.

    I’m not sure what the hardest part would be,making the game work with those 500+ skins or getting permissions to use all of them.

  5. per kommer du snart ud med noget mere dansk ?

    1. Ja der er lidt på vej inden længe, har bare lidt travlt for tiden :(.

      1. er der mulighed for man kan få lave noget?

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