Trailers Nefaz 8332 for Kamaz v 2.1

What’s new: Version 2.1
– A lot of work has been done with registration of trailers:
– Now when buying a trailer in the Configurator, each trailer body is tied to a specific type of cargo (example: there are 4 types of tank – each for its own type of cargo, there is a “flatbed” body for separate loads)
– Added visible loads for each trailer body (for the “on-Board” and “timber truck” bodies) – now when loading the specified trailers will not be empty but visible cargo:)
– The weight of trailers, truck chassis is specified to the real ones according to the passport, also concerns the weight of goods, now the weight is more close to the real one
– Shipments appear in all countries and companies (depending on their type)
For 1.36

Koral, adaptation for 1.36: Phantom94, thanks to Лёха72 for the tips and help in fixing mod errors


2 thoughts on “Trailers Nefaz 8332 for Kamaz v 2.1

  1. Dillinger Johnny

    Thank you very much indeed

  2. this is fabulous ! thanks for this pack and for the kamaz truck!

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