Trailers Pack by Omenman v 3.8

Trailers-Pack-1 Trailers-Pack-2 Trailers-Pack-3

Big pack SCS trailers with skins from Omenman.
In mod 76 cargo and 419 trailers.
Mod autonomous, nothing replaces the game.
All the trailers are included in the traffic.
In a mod prescribed manifest.
Tested on version 1.24.
Only works without connection option “Simulation trailer hitch”!!!

Author: Omenman


2 Responses to Trailers Pack by Omenman v 3.8

  1. Theosz says:

    We hope next version be full compatible to Advanced Trailer Coupling, introduced in this version, so lets wait.

  2. Legendskills says:

    so all trailers are in another language or?

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