Trailers Pack by Shadders62 v 1.4

Trailers Pack (1) Trailers Pack (3) Trailers Pack (2)


This pack consists of 70 mixed Profiliner, cooliner, schmitz, cistern trailers.
I have reworked some of my old trailers adding better textures, pack also contains new trailers and will be added to on a regular basic making the pack bigger and better.

All trailers are standalone and appear in traffic, and all have their own cargo matched to the trailer.

New trailers and cargos will be added in future updates.

Tested and working on 1.19xx DLC north + east

works with Promods, poland rebuilding, rusmap EAA TSM. works also with Jazzycat mods

Fixes v1.4
Removed some old def files that were not compatible with 1.19xx.
Fixed ai trafiic, now works with painted truck traffic by jazzycat v2.1.
Retouched some trailer textures for a more weathered dirty look

Please respect the creator and maintain the download link.
Please DO NOT re-upload this package to others file providers.
If sharing on Forums use original download link.

Thank you and Enjoy 🙂

Authors: Shadders62, ETS2Studio


6 thoughts on “Trailers Pack by Shadders62 v 1.4

  1. Hello,

    Good work! I liked 1.3 but 1.4 does not show up in Mod Manager.
    I tried to add zzzz in front of the name and it made no difference.
    What can i do?

    1. Shadders62

      Not sure why its not showing in your mod manager, you shouldn’t need to rename it, only thing I can suggest is try and download it again, maybe file got damaged somehow, I have several people using this with no problems.

      sorry I don’t know what else to suggest

  2. TodoMundoLocko


  3. Drive Safely

    Absolutely brilliant!

  4. do you have to use it in pro-mods? Installed mod, activated it, the trailer directory. But it doesn’t show in the freight market (when you go to pick a job). Also when you are driving around you see none of these trailers. Please Help!

  5. Thanks

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