Trailers Pack Cistern ATS for ETS2 (Standalone)

Cistern-2 Cistern-1

Tested version 1.22.x
– Standalone
– AI Traffic
– Compatible with all pack trailer
– Compatible with all DLC
– Convert ATS for ETS2
– Works perfectly
– Skins are American companies, they come from my pack for ATS

* Respect the download link *

Trailer by SCS Software
Converted by Fred_be
Skin by Fred_be


5 thoughts on “Trailers Pack Cistern ATS for ETS2 (Standalone)

  1. Does the 4th (rear axle) work? I mean does it help with steering?

    1. Steiner the four rear axle dont help to steering in the real life is only for the distribution of weight and quantity as opposed costs more distant shafts rotate i tell you because im real life trucker

  2. Thank you Fred_be! I look forward to pulling these trailers in addition to your other converted ATS trailers. Going to download asap!

  3. Mike Rules

    Thank you mate !

  4. JoeSpud2016

    in Europe you can’t run American trailers with no side bars.

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