Trailers Pack Jumbo V1.19

Trailers Pack Jumbo

All the bugs are fixed

Update pack for version 1.19.x

Trailers are standalone
They are in traffic
Compatible with all trailers packs
Compatible with all DLC

* Respect the download link *

Authors: TZ_Express, Fred_be


4 Responses to Trailers Pack Jumbo V1.19

  1. 68г543 says:

    This was repost- not be reprinted!
    I do not advise you to do the download of material stolen!
    Copyright – violation of description modes!
    We will submit to the court!

  2. Ma ke says:

    I find it weird that all trailer has cargo “tyres”, something that i.e. coca cola wouldnt deliverr

  3. Ma ke says:

    Cargo “tyres” in this pack isnt verywell suited on most of these companys please make some suitable variation…trailers itself look food and no warnings shown

  4. Drive Safely says:

    Bug: Wheels have displaced shadows.

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