Trailers Pack Krone Profiliner

Trailers pack Krone Profiliner with 126 skins of real companies.
All standalone.
Advance coupling.
Lift axles.
Cables simulation.
Works on any maps.
Available in WoT contracts.
Compatible with all others trailer packs.
Included in traffic.
No FPS drop for low PCs.
Tested on version 1.31.x

Vaarduar, Pereira, Millsyb, Aspectxx, Mkkl, SkGe, Speedy 143, Steini, Slash, Vlakyt

DOWNLOAD 83 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 83 MB [Modsbase]

2 Responses to Trailers Pack Krone Profiliner

  1. Santiago says:

    Is it compatible with Trailers and Cargo Pack by Jazzycat

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