Trailers Pack of Supermarkets Opperating Portugal 2.0

hi everyone. this is the new version of my pack of supermarket opperating Portugal. it`s a 90% remake of the previous version.
this time the mod it`s all in one scs file and the trailers are with scs cargos. you can pick them in the trailers menu on the contracts and also in the World of Trucks contracts too. they are all standalone, with liftable axles and updated for 1.27.
i hope you enjoy it

upload in other mods sites with the same link, please

trailers: Matdom1988, scs, ets studio, skins and mod management: Gamma


4 thoughts on “Trailers Pack of Supermarkets Opperating Portugal 2.0

  1. [unit] The file ‘/def/cargo/fresh_fish/pkspptspcr.sii’ does not contain serialised units – missing magic mark.
    00:00:13.143 : load_unit_tree() – Failed to load unit tree from file (/def/cargo/fresh_fish/pkspptspcr.sii)

    and you forgot to delete the traffic trailer files. 😉

    but the skins looks nice, thanks. 🙂

  2. thanks+to+you+for+the+remark.+nice+trips

  3. Rui Rocha

    como faço para instalar o pack?

  4. O pack nao esta mais atualizado… Foi a muitas versões atras… Talvez volte a vida um dia destes…

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