Trailers Pack Profi Liner by bik_san

Trailers-Pack-1 Trailers-Pack-2

Pack Trailer Profi Liner, all standalone.
There are in motion AI.
Tested on

Allow copy on another forum but keep orginal download link and author! Do not reupload!

Authors: bik_san, SCS


2 thoughts on “Trailers Pack Profi Liner by bik_san

  1. adi2003de

    This mod is not Patch 1.21.x ready …

    there are old trailer_traffic_storage.sii

    the sii data in the trailer has not the new changes .. from trailer to traffic_trailer !!!

    You should be better look at the updates from SCS Software if you want make a Mod that runs !

    With this mod .. all other Trailer that modded in the new system will be ignored by the game !

    Better work next time Guy !

  2. Killa Truck

    Downloaded the trailer pack, noticed .sii file extension plus some extra file directories. Did not bother trying to run the mod, none of my other working trailer mods had such files.

    Maybe for an earlier game version?

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