Trains Everywhere (road nightmare) in ETS2 1.38

Important notice: The author is not responsible for, damage to trailers and cargo, truck repair costs, lost profits and “other delights” caused by the using of this mod !

Aren’t you afraid of trains? This mod will make you afraid! Insidious trains will appear everywhere! Yes! Yes! They learned to drive on roads, with only one purpose, to smash, break and squash everything that gets under their wheels. Now you will often look around and in the mirror, and trembling from each beep nearby. because the evil train has already picked up speed to deal with you !!

Port from ATS

This mod is not compatible with any Traffic density mods!!!



16 thoughts on “Trains Everywhere (road nightmare) in ETS2 1.38

  1. how can you be so ######? to make a mod like that !!!!

    1. i’m are a .|.. ‘_’ ..|. all of you

  2. Riabadibbl

    Unreal Bullshit!

  3. Why?

  4. U are ##### ? Maybe u should add trucks everywhere to train simulator ? …

    1. i’m are a .|.. ‘_’ ..|. all of you

    2. i’m working for it, yeah, trucks stuck at every railway crossing in Train Simulator

  5. super funny idea, keep it up


    1. thanks dude

  6. Satyanwesi

    Oh my god. I will just die of laughing if I dont close that youtube window. xD

    1. enjoy!

  7. Only thing missing from this is explosions, man what a game it will be 🙂

    1. in GTA

  8. Jukka Asikainen

    Come on who makes this kinda mods? Totally ####!


  9. #### i love this xD <3

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